Busy, busy, busy

I swear it’s like we can’t seem to catch a break! Hey guys, Elih here! 🙂 I know we keep apologizing for coming and going. Trust me, it’s very frustrating for us too! But a lot is going on. Right now, I can only speak for myself and myself is a very busy person. Recently […]

Flight Booked

I had just booked my ticket for New Jersey and I am beyond excited and honestly thrilled. The moment I booked my trip I honestly felt like I could breathe. Like a weight has been lifted off of me. I am originally from New Jersey. Born and raised. I moved to Texas almost 7 or […]

First Entry

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog entry. Its something both Adam and I discussed a bit about and I just love the idea of sharing some stuff with you guys! I have been blogging since I was in middle school. As far back as I can remember, having […]